Friday, November 19, 2010

Thrifted Thursday: Flamingos for Friday!

OK, so I'm a day late and a dollar short.. or something...

I've been trying to adjust to my daughter no longer taking naps- she gets very cranky in the afternoon, but will not sleep. That's a recipe for a cranky mom as well, and especially bad for my computer time.

But I had to share my latest find at my new favorite store, the Habitat ReStore. We went last weekend to buy some furniture for my brother's new place (hopefully more photos of that soon) and of course had to shop for housewares as well. He has literally nothing besides clothes and the bedroom set he's used since he was seven. (Time to upgrade that as well, I say!)

And as much as I profess to not be interested in buying anything anymore, I still seem to come home with something:

A round container with hand-painted flamingos marked "Miami Beach, Fl"- you think I would pass that up for $2?
No chance, especially when inside is a set of 8 plastic coasters that perfectly match a set of anodized aluminum cups I already have!

And as a special bonus, my daughter is playing a matching game with them right now, putting all the cups together with the like-colored coasters. Counting and color recognition, all in one! That means these are an educational purchase, right? Or at least something for her to do while I take a few moments to blog!


  1. What a great find!Love the case:)
    I have some anodised coasters but no cups as yet & the colours of your set are much prettier than mine.
    I can totally relate to your daughter not sleeping during the day ,my son decided he wasn't sleeping anymore either & i was sorely missing my quiet time & he was being awfully cranky too.Thankfully i managed to get one day a week in day care & they have nap time so not only was he getting some social interaction but he started wanting to take a nap again during the day,hooray!:)
    Good luck,i know how tiring it can be.

  2. I have the coasters too but I am still on the hunt for the cup to match. Great score!

  3. I am a sucker for Flamingos on vintage Miami Beach souvenirs! I spent some time there visiting my grandmother when she was still alive.

    Great find. :)