Friday, December 19, 2008

The Difference Between Men and Women

I am home sick. Still.

My son caught the flu bug about a week ago. I could tell he wasn't his normal happy-go-lucky self starting last weekend, but he hung in there for a few days before really getting sick last Monday night. Fever, upset stomach the whole works. Now he's only got a hacking cough- progress!

Of course when you're a mom, you are the one that gets up at night with the child. You are the one who stays home from work. You are the one that gets sick a few days later.

So I got the fever, the upset stomach, the hacking cough on Wednesday and it shows no signs of letting up by tomorrow. And now my 8-month-old daughter seems to be coming down with it. She's the only one of us that got a flu shot, so apparently that didn't work either. And you can guess what that means- a crying baby all night when what I really need is a good night's sleep.

What can I do about it? Well, this is the difference between men and women. Men (at least the ones I know) will spend the whole day in bed or on the couch feeling miserable for themselves. Women staying home sick see this as an opportunity to GET THINGS DONE.

Even though my back is killing me, I feel like throwing up and I can barely keep my eyes open, I'm finishing up my Christmas cards, getting my baking done and cleaning the bathrooms- because if you're going to be praying to the porcelain god, you at least want it to be clean!

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