Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Trash to Treasure: Kustom Bathroom Scale

This is another one of those projects I have had hanging around forever! Just like the TV-quarium project, I have had this old bathroom scale on the back burner for years. Literally, like 10 years. 

It had been a wedding present to my in-laws back in 1960. After a while it got too rusty and grungy to be in the bathroom and they had it sitting in the garage. I asked if I could have it, since we have a pink and black bathroom and it would match. I knew it would take a lot of work to get back to being usable, so I just stored it in the basement for a -long- time.

For all those years, my main concern was that I wasn't able to find the "correct" vinyl to restore the treads- pink textured with sparkles (!). I would have settled for just plain pink upholstery vinyl, but I could never find just the right shade to match the tile and the pink paint I already had.

Then I saw a great bathroom scale restoration done by the folks over at the Hepcats Restorations blog (thanks guys!) using black step tread material, and finally had my lightbulb moment! I didn't have to find original vinyl, I could do something a little different.

So we disassembled it, peeled off the old vinyl and stripped the paint.

The back got a coat of Rustoleum textured matte black and some new rubber feet. 

The top got several coats of pink paint. Notice the strip of original vinyl on the right, and how closely the pink matches! My husband used to be an auto body tech, so he did the prep and painting- much better than I could have done!

I masked off the shoulders and a strip on the front to leave the original chrome. Then I smoothed out the edges with a little pinstripe. Cleaned up the dial and painted the wheel and the "Detecto" emblem with black. 

Since I was going to be able to cut the tread material to whatever design I wanted, I decided to have a little fun with it and do a flame pattern. I did need to cover the holes in the top, so I had to take that into account when cutting the treads.

So here it is! Another item crossed off the to-do list, and a fun weekend project. Might even make stepping on the scale enjoyable!


  1. THAT IS AWESOME! Very inspiring :-)

  2. Hey SusieQT!

    This is Hepcat, fantastic job on your scale. I love the flames and the color pink you used. Keep up the good work.

  3. Oh, now that is just too fantastic. Who would have ever thought you could breathe so much life back into it? You did a wonderful job.

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  5. Now, there's a scale I'd actually enjoy using ;) What a fabulous job you did - love it!

    PS Previous comment deleted because, horror of horrors, I made a glaring typo.

  6. Looks more like a hot rod and less like a scale!

  7. Putting your feet to the flames, easier than a real fire walk. Congrats on your win!

  8. Nice job, me likey.

  9. LOOKS FABULOUS!!!! No did you spraypaint the chroms silver? or was it in pretty good shape? I have a "BORG" scale at the ktichen of the Casablanca that was my great grandmothers. Its yellow, but maybe someday when i build a _____ colored bathroom onto the house, I can follow your footsteps!

  10. Fast and furious! Nice re-do on an old object. Looks super good :-)

  11. Mick- no the chrome part is bare metal. It was originally that way. But since this is going to be in a damp bathroom, I will cover it in clear coat and wax it once the pink paint has cured (30 days).